PrinciplesThe United Buddhist Foundation attempts to reach its purposes through a unique principle, that is connecting and dedicating.

Connecting because according to the Buddhist teachings, the essence of this world already is an interdependent relationship of everyone. Each one cannot act alone in pursuit of benefits or peace and happiness for themselves. Connecting together, each of us will have more strength, will get the support from the community, and thus can more easily complete efforts to serve ourselves and others.

Dedicating is also according to the Buddha's teachings, for anyone who serves others is serving oneself. Through the service of others in a spirit of selfless altruism, we will cultivate the qualities of compassion as the Buddha has taught, and that is the only true method so that each person can attain lasting peace and happiness.

Connecting without serving, all connections will not be sustainable, because they do not really bring joy and benefits for both parties.

Serving without connecting then no matter how strong your wish to serve is, is very difficult to realize because there are not enough conditions to implement.

Thus, the principle of the United Buddhist Foundation is connecting and dedicating, and this will continue in the future.

According to the principle of connecting, the United Buddhist Foundation welcomes the participation of all individuals and organizations with the purpose of serving others, spreading the Dharma irrespectively of regionals, sectarians or practice traditions. The Foundation's members are operating independently to serve under the direction and their own way, in accordance with the principles of the Foundation, but there's absolutely no dependence or dominating over one other. The only purpose of connecting is to help and support each other.

According to the principle of dedicated serving, all activities of the United Buddhist Foundation are absolutely non-profit, not only in the online communication activities, but also all offline activities. The United Buddhist Foundation serves the community with self-reliance of its members and will not organize fundraising.

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