MissionFor the purposes and principles set out, the United Buddhist Foundation will take the appropriate direction of action from time to time, so that it is always in line with the guiding principles of the Foundation and has the highest efficiency in achieving its goals.

According to the current reality and the availability of the Foundation, the following orientations will be undertaken:

1. Use the official websites of the Foundation ( and as storing and transmitting channel to spread Dhamma in many different forms. Taking advantage of existing database of the Open Heart Community ( to continue to develop.

2. Developing existing audio books of the Open Heart Collection to increasingly serve the need of Buddhists listening to the Dharma. This section also includes the implementation of any content necessary for the practice of Buddhists and the United Buddhist Foundation can resolve the copyrights.

3. Selecting and publishing sutras and Buddhist books relevant to the practice of the Buddhists, especially for the Buddhist beginners. The publishing works may be periodical or on festive occasions during the year, depending on the capabilities and convenience.

4. Participating in organized philanthropy, promoting and supporting for the activities of social charity and other individuals. This section also includes connecting and supporting other Buddhist sites if required.

5. Organizing Dharma talks and spreading the contents, and connecting to other Buddhist societies to help spreading their Dharma talks if possible. This section also includes the invitation other teachers to give Dharma talks and recording and broadcasting the contents.

6. Organizing offline activities (retreats, courses...) annually at the right time to create a platform to promote online activities more efficient.

With the six basic scopes of working outlined above, the United Buddhist Foundation will leverage resources and capabilities available to a reasonable allocation for each activity. The expansion or change the foregoing depending on the actual situation and needs the approval of the full discussion of the Executive Board.

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